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With my doctor, Jedd Wolchok. Courtesy of the Cancer Research Institute

With my doctor, Jedd Wolchok. Courtesy of the Cancer Research Institute

The story so far

On August 10, 2010, my Facebook status update was "Best summer ever." On August 11, I learned I had malignant melanoma.

A few days later, I underwent surgery that removed a 5 cm circle from the top of my head. I now rock a great combover, but my tonsure is even fiercer.

A year after my surgery, I was diagnosed with melanoma again. The cancer had broken off and spread to my lung, and I had a subcutaneous tumor on my back, which meant that it was getting very bad quickly. My oncologist helpfully informed that "Stage 4 isn't what it used to be," which is good, because metastatic melanoma traditionally means you're going to be dead pretty soon.

I was lucky enough to enter a Phase 1 immunotherapy trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering, becoming one of the first human subjects in the world to try out the treatment now known as Opdivo. Three months later, I had no evidence of disease. It helps when your doctors are a bunch of geniuses.

I've written about cancer and everything that goes with it for multiple publications. For my coverage of my experience in my clinical trial, I was nominated for a 2012 Online Journalism Award and a 2016 Skin Cancer Foundation Media Award. I have now written a book that you can read with your eyes or listen to with your ears.

Great big fan of science, research, and support communities. Thankful as all get out. Here are a few pieces from along the way.

Media appearances, talking cancer. I’m around the 10.40 mark on the Dateline segment.